Making Waves ~ How I fought off sharks to swim with dolphins

By Jason Bawden-Smith

This is a fascinating book about how to bring the dolphin way of living into the hardened world of business.  The author is a successful business man who is not afraid to make waves and change the system.  His mantra is “purposeful play leads to prosperity in business and in life”.  Business may be a serious matter but to be a success it has to be fun.  Jason is a great story teller and even if you are not an entrepreneur there are many valuable life lessons in this book, many of which he learned while swimming with dolphins.

Fluke ~ Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings

By Christopher Moore

This novel is witty, irreverent, fascinating, puzzling, and surprising.  Just why do humpback whales sing? That's the question that has marine behavioral biologist Nate Quinn and his crew poking, charting, recording, and photographing very big, wet, gray marine mammals. Until the extraordinary day when a whale lifts its tail into the air to display a cryptic message spelled out in foot-high letters: Bite me.

Wisdom from the Sea ~ Channeled Wisdom from the Dolphins and Whales

By Anne Gordon

This is a compilation of wisdom and messages received by Anne Gordon during meditations and Dolphin Energy Healing sessions for her clients since 2005.  This book is a free ebook download.

Dolphin Connection ~ Interdimensional Ways of Living

By Joan Ocean

This heartwarming book is the story of Joan Ocean’s first meeting with the whales and dolphins in 1984, and her intimate friendships with cetaceans, as she " creates a field of innocence where the dolphin is the teacher." Swimming in the ocean, she experiences a human-dolphin communication that releases expansive, multi-sensory knowledge in the entire body and its thoughtforms.

Whale Wisdom Dolphin Joy ~ Ascension Teachings from the Cetaceans

By June Sananjaleen Hughes

These joyfuland profound transmissions from the Brotherhood of Cetaceans, (whales, dolphinsand other sea creatures), were received telepathically in a deep meditative state. They address philosophical and emotional topics for all on a spiritual ~or any other path, offering words of encouragement and new perspectives,  from their own perception of beneficial and thought‑provoking information.

Guided by Whales

By Rebecca Pillsbury 

Each chapter in this book features a whale expert whose life has been deeply changed by their time spent with whales, including Anne Gordon.  Their inspirational stories segue into messages of conservation, education, and Native wisdom. Collectively, these stories demonstrate what Native cultures have known all along: whales have a lot to teach us about how to be better human beings.

What the Dolphin Said

By Judith Simon Prager

An enchanted novel of actual incidents that illuminates the future of consciousness. A dolphin is on a mission to wake humans to their full potential. A therapist working with children needs a new language for healing. If they can connect, they may bring to a hurting world a life-affirming message of what we might become.

Speak Dolphin ~ Deciphering the Dolphin Code

By Jack Kassewitz

Jack Kassewitz has been working for over fifty years with all kinds of animals from eagles to orangutans. This book chronicles his amazing discovery of the basis of dolphin language as never seen before. It also traces his early childhood and how loving parents, a caring science teacher, and a physician mentor turned his early learning challenges into a journey of scientific and self discovery with astonishing results.

Listening to Whales ~ What the Orcas Have Taught Us

By Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton shares spellbinding stories about her career in whale and dolphin research and what she has learned from and about these magnificent mammals.  Her recordings of the whales have led her to a deeper understanding of the mystery of whale echolocation, the vocal communication that enables the mammals to find their way in the dark sea.

An Exhange of Love

By Madeleine Walker

Animals come back to be with us lifetime after lifetime, to heal trauma from their own past lives and ours. An Exchange of Love is on karmic healing and in it we meet animals who have changed the lives of their human companions. Their message is that love is eternal and undying and an Exchange of Love. No other book examines the past life connections between humans and our animals and the healing potential for us.

Whales in Panama 2018 ~ A photo book 

By Anne Gordon 

This is a book of the best photos taken by Anne during her day tours and retreats in the Pearl Islands, Panama of her beloved Southern hemisphere Humpback whales and Pantropical spotted dolphins.  You will feel like you are right there with her on her tours with this book.

Dolphins and Their Power to Heal

By Amanda Cochrane & Karen Callen

Since ancient times dolphins have been known to uplift and inspire human beings through empathetic interaction. Cochrane and Callen review the myths, legends, and history of dolphins as well as current research, showing how close contact with these graceful mammals can trigger our inherent healing powers.

Dolphin Healing ~ The extraordinary power and magic of dolphins to heal and transform our lives

By Horace Dobbs

Internationally renowned dolphin expert Dr Horace Dobbs tells the incredible story of over two decades' work with dolphins and reveals new research that shows how dolphins can inspire us not only with their beauty and intelligence; they can also heal us physically and emotionally.

War of the Whales ~ A True Story

By Joshua Horwitz

War of the Whales is the “gripping detective tale” of a crusading attorney, who stumbles on one of the US Navy’s best-kept secrets: a submarine detection system that floods entire ocean basins with high-intensity sound—and drives whales onto beaches. As a legal fight to expose and challenge the Navy program is launched, marine biologist Ken Balcomb witnesses a mysterious mass stranding of whales near his research station in the Bahamas.

Your Dolphin Journal 

By Anne Gordon & the Dolphins

This journal has 144 pages filled with dolphin wisdom messages, quotes and journaling prompts all designed to bring you more joy, play, flow, presence, transparency, unity/community, healing energy and unconditional love. Based on years of connection and receiving their profound wisdom messages during meditations and Dolphin Energy Healing sessions.

Mind in the Waters: A Book to Celebrate the Consciousness of Whales and Dolphins

By Joan McIntyre

This is a serious compilation and collection of factual studies, observations, recollections, and hopes and dreams of humans who believe that whales are so much more special than most of us realize. It was written by many authors with the intent of raising the collective consiousness of humanity and to stop the killing of these magnificent animals. Interesting and provocative.

Recommended Books

Here is a list of some of my favorite books about Dolphins and Whales

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Dolphin Love ~ From Sea to Land

By Linda Shay

This book tells Linda Shay's interdimensional journey to her heart.  It is a true story of dolphin consciousness, dolphin energy healing, and joy.  It is a spellbinding adventure of personal growth and transformation. Through a deep and enduring relationship with dolphins, Linda finds her life changed in ways that are unimaginable and delightful.

The Whale Whisperer~ Healing Messages from the Animal Kingdom to help Mankind and the Planet   

By Madeleine Walker

This adventure delivers messages from many different wild and sacred animal species. Voices of the white buffalo, the humpback whale, the white lions of Timbavati South Africa, orcas, and bears all speak through the author, who embarked on a spiritual journey across several continents in search of this wisdom from animals.

The Dolphins' Gift ~ A True Story

By Elizabeth Gawain

Describes encounters with friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia Beach in western Australia, recounts dolphin lore, and suggests what we may learn from them. This warmly-written book portrays the story of receiving a gift from dolphins when befriended by them. Their behavior, emotions and intelligence are all well-documented and touching. An interesting piece in cross-species communication. 

Swimming with Orca ~ My Life with New Zealand's Killer Whales

By Dr. Ingrid N. Visser

The inspiring stories of Dr Ingrid Visser's encounters with orca. Called orca by some and killer whales by others, these mysterious animals have become part of Ingrid'’s life. She has got to know many orca by sight and calls them her friends. Her experiences with orca challenge their fearsome reputation: she gets into the water with them, watches them hunt, and communicates in any way she can.

Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker

By Cyndie Lepori

Billy, a ten year old, and an only child, spends a lot of time walking along the beach. One day Billy is greeted by a dolphin named Bubbles. His adventures with Bubbles and other characters, change how he views himself and his place in the world. This amazingly positive story has no bad guys, and leads you into a beautiful experience of the dolphins and who they really are, as well as mermaids, and other magical beings.

Voices in the Ocean ~ A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins

By Susan Casey

Since the dawn of recorded history, humans have felt a kinship with the sleek and beautiful dolphin, an animal whose playfulness, sociability, and intelligence seem like an aquatic mirror of mankind. We have learned that dolphins recognize themselves in reflections, count, grieve, adorn themselves, feel despondent, rescue one another (and humans), deduce, infer, seduce, form cliques, throw tantrums, and call themselves by name.

Communicating with Orcas ~ The Whales' Perspective

By Mary J. Getten

This is a book like no other. It unlocks the many mysteries of orca life and death. It is a moving description of a close family group in which all members travel, work, eat, play, and even sleep together. Most of all, it takes you inside their world, allowing you to see things from their perspective and to understand another way of life--the orca way.

Dolphins & Whales Forever

By Takara Shelor, Anne Gordon, Joan Ocean, Linda Shay, and many more.

Each chapter in this book is written by a renowned dolphin or whale expert.  Each expert shares how they first began their relationship with the dolphins and whales and what that relationship means to them and how it has helped them in their lives.

The Dolphin Letters ~ Vital Information from Sea to Land

By Muriel Lindsay

"The Dolphin Letters", subtitled "Vital Information from Sea to Land" is just that, a compendium of vital information from an unlikely source, part of the intelligence that lives in the water, the dolphins. The information in this book lends not just hope to the human race, but excitement about the future as well during these dynamically shifting times.

Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales in the Wild: Vital Lessons for Living in Joy and Healing Our World

By Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill

She dove into the ocean simply to play with wild dolphins and whales, but emerged a decade later a different person with a collection of life-changing lessons that not only drew her soul mate to her, but also reveal how we can all live better lives and heal our world.

Blue Laguna ~ A Paddleboarder's Perspective

By Rich German

This is a beautiful coffee table book with gorgeous photographs for dolphins and whales that Rich German has encountered on his daily paddleboarding outings from Laguna Beach, California.  100% of the proceeds from this book go to support Rich's nonprofit ocean conservation Project O.  You can even purchase a signed copy directly from the author.

Deep Voices ~ The Wisdom of Whales and Dolphin Tales 

By Jason Cressey, PHD

Why do we love dolphins and whales?   This groundbreaking book examines ancient mythology and sacred rituals to better understand our marine cousins, the natural world – and each other.

Souls in the Sea ~ Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny

By Scott Taylor

Dolphins have long been attributed with intelligence, but do they have souls? Self-awareness? Compassion? Scott Taylor, Director of the Cetacean Studies Institute, investigates the history, mythology, and science surrounding these creatures and emerges with a resounding yes. And not only do whales and dolphins merit our attention and respect in their own right: they are an index to what our future as a species can be. 

Dolphin Way ~ Rise of the Guardians

By Mark Caney

A novel set amongst the lives of the other major civilization inhabiting this planet: the dolphins. The book is aimed at adult readers, but will appeal to teenagers too. Dolphin culture evolved over millions of years so that they could remain perfectly attuned with their world, Ocean. Unlike man, they have created an almost utopian society without feeling the need to manipulate their environment, collect possessions or wage war.

Dolphins into the Future 

By Joan Ocean

This is the continuing story of a relationship that Joan Ocean has developed with a pod of 200 Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. Living with them for ten years and experiencing their births, their games, their mating, healing and communicative sounds, Joan learns the secrets of entering dolphin consciousness and traversing multiple realms.

The Ocean Adventures of Pinni, Tursi & Mydas ~ Plastic Danger (Vol.1)

By Donna Kassewitz, Illustrated by Noel Kassewitz

This beautifully illustrated children's book (children of all ages) tells the tale of  Tursi, the bottlenose dolphin, Pinni, the sea lion and Mydas, the green sea turtle learn about the value of teamwork and friendship as they deal with the dangerous problem of plastics in the ocean. When one of them becomes entangled in plastic debris, the trio must embark on a journey to find a solution before its too late. 

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

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