​​Open to Abundance 

Price  $97  

For less than a $50 investment you will learn how to easily and joyfully open yourself up to the natural flow of abundance in every aspect of your life.

All taught from the perspective of the whales, the masters of Abundance!

Presented by Anne Gordon

Join the whales for the home study program...

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​       Open to Abundance!

Join the whales for the home study program...

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who grew up in the Pacific NW boating with the Orca whales.  Anne studied biology and animal behavior in university.  She has made a lifelong study of nature and the whales.  She pioneered the whale watching industry in Panama. She has been leading her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom retreats internationally since 2007.   In 2005 the whales gave her a powerful lesson on abundance that she has put into practice in her life to create a successful 6 figure tour and retreat company in Panama.  Now, the whales have asked Anne to share what they have taught her with you!

End the struggle now!

  * 21 Day Moneyback Guarantee - Provided all homework and modules from the first 3 modules have been completed.   If after completing all three modules and you are not satisfied with the course, you   will receive a 100% refund.

This course is unlike any other program about prosperity and abundance. Why? Because it is 100% guided by the whales themselves!

The whales will teach you how to easily move into and take your rightful place in the natural flow of abundance.  Led by Whale Wisdom Messenger, Anne Gordon.

Whale School of Wealth, Open to Abundance!

Learn from the Masters of Abundance, the Whales how to be in the natural flow of Abundance.   

In this program you will...

  • Are you sick and tired of struggling with finances?

  • Does it seem like you are constantly playing the 'rob Peter to pay Paul' game?

  • Do you spend most of your time worrying if you will have enough money just to make ends meet?

  • Do you feel like it is hopeless to even dream of earning more money?

  • Tap into the source of all abundance.

  • Uncover and release limiting beliefs blocking you from receiving.

  • Shift from a perspective of lack to one of prosperity.

  • Learn how to create your own abundance without having to depend on others any more.

​​Open to Abundance 

Price  $97   

For less than a $50 investment you will learn how to easily and joyfully open yourself up to the natural flow of abundance in every aspect of your life.

​​In nature abundance is effortless.  

Let the whales teach you how to receive all the bounty that is waiting to come to you now!

​Whales are the largest animals to have ever lived on Earth and many eat the smallest animals, krill, plankton and small fish.  The amazing thing is that you never see a skinny whale!  There is always enough food for the whales! 

Science has proven that the more whales there are eating fish, the more fish there are, not less!  How can that be?  Because the whales create their own abundance, not relying on anything else to provide it for them!