Whale Wisdom Empowerment Circle 

Guidance, support, insights and healing energy from the whales,

dolphins  and Anne to empower you to live your best life in

joy, flow, abundance, unity/community and love!

1 Group Coaching Call just for Whale Wisdom Empowerment Circle members

​The power of a group is magical. You will feel an instant connection with people who support and understand what you are going through.

​Plus each group coaching call will have either a group energy healing or Whales Speak session.

6 months of private and group Whale Wisdom Empowerment coaching and healing designed to guide you to live your best life.​

Private and group coaching, Whales Speak and Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing for 6 months.

The Healing Pod

You will get full access to the monthly calls of the Healing Pod. 
The calls will alternate each month with
- Group Dolphin/Whale Energy sessions
​- Whales Speak sessions

2 Private Whale Wisdom Empowerment Calls

45 minute calls with Anne. Each call will have two parts:

- Whale Wisdom Empowerment coaching with Anne

​- Either a Whales Speak or Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing session. Your choice.


All group calls will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the replays.

The Whale Wisdom Empowerment Circle is for you if...

Anne Gordon, Dolphin Messenger, certified Dolphin Energy Healing practioner, Whale Whisperer, Whale Wisdom expert, Dolphin and Whale Watching tour guide, Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat facilitator, Biologist and Spiritual teacher, Author.

$200 discount on Retreats

You will get a $200 discount on any Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat booked within your 6 months in the Whale Wisdom Empowerment Circle.

$400 per month for 6 months

Each month you get...

Join the Whale Wisdom Empowerment Circle

Pay in Full $1,997 

(Save $403)

You are feeling disconnected and unsupported.

You are struggling with an emotional challenge around relationships, career, life purpose, etc.

You are not satisfied with your life and know there is more.

You want a lighter, more joyful life.