Anne will channel the whales (and/or dolphins) and you will get to ask them any questions at all. You can ask personal, professional, spiritual, global questions or even ask the whales to tell you more about their lives.

The whales have a wealth of wisdom they draw on to provide you with profound insight into answering your questions. Being the keepers of the Akashic Records on Earth, they know exactly what the source of any challenge you may be dealing with and are happy to help provide you with guidance and answers to what you are seeking. 

You may record your session to listen to again and again.

Find out what the Whales want you to know now...

30 minute private sessions

1 Whales Speak Session     $97

Whales Speak!  

Channeled conversations with Whales and Dolphins

Ask them anything you want! 

Anne Gordon, Dolphin Messenger, certified Dolphin Energy Healing practioner, Whale Whisperer, Whale Wisdom expert, Dolphin and Whale Watching tour guide, Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat facilitator, Biologist and Spiritual teacher, Author.

3 Whales Speak Sessions     $247

($82 each)

12 Whales Speak Sessions     $777

(12 for the price of 10. $64 each)

6 Whales Speak Sessions     $447

($74 each)