The Dolphin Way program begins on January 25

Week 1 - a half day virtual retreat Enter the World of the Dolphins

Week 2 - The importance of Joy & Play

​Week 3 - The art of being Present

​Week 4 - Go with the Flow to easily surf through challenges

​Week 5 - The value of Transparency

​Week 6 - Take a Deep Dive into Success mindset

Week 7 - Create your own Abundance

Week 8 - Attaining Unity/Community


1. Week 9 Play to Profit, a one day virtual retreat

​2. Plus two 1 on 1 private Dolphin Way coaching calls with Anne

3. Ticket to Dolphin Way LIVE – April 22-24

Do Business the Dolphin Way

Regular Price $1,997 

Now only $997

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Are you ready to feel more joy and bring more play in your work?  Would you love to discover how to go with the flow, no matter what is happening around you? I know you would love to learn how to create your own abundance, right?

I want to help you do all of that, which is why I am offering you a...

The Dolphin Way, an 8 week group coaching program.

In this program you will discover how to...

​​      Bring in more Joy & Play to your business every day.  

​       Go with the flow and easily surf through any challenge.

       Create your own abundance from your natural gifts and talents.

       Attract a thriving and loving community of your ideal clients.

​       Embrace and model complete Transparency.

​       Focus on the present moment for maximum efficiency.


​​Dive in to the flow of freedom in your business when you say "Yes!" to doing business the Dolphin Way.

Do Business the Dolphin Way! 

Swim your way to success in your business by bringing more joy, play, flow, unity/community and abundance into your business, the Dolphin Way!  

Your Dolphin Way coach,  Anne Gordon

has been connecting and working with the dolphins and whales her entire life, starting with watching the Orcas as a child from her father's boat.  She is a certified Dolphin Energy Healer since 2005.  Anne pioneered the whale watching industry in the country of Panama.  She has been leading her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom retreats internationally since 2007.  She is a Retreat Success Coach to share her comprehensive knowledge and experience to support you in creating and leading your own successful retreat.   She is dedicated to empowering you to lead the powerful retreats that you have been dreaming of as well as bringing the wisdom of the dolphins into every aspect of your business.