June 8, 2024   Whales Speak session 

Join the Healing Pod

All calls will be recorded and the replays sent out within 24 hours so if you have to miss the call you can review it any time you want with lifetime access to all call recordings.

All calls will be held at 1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern on the 2nd Saturday of each month.*

Why $33?

33 is a master number and is a reminder that anything is possible. A time to focus on self-development: dive into your passions and find your purpose. The number 3 symbolizes evolution and the life cycle. The number 33, is a sign you’re undergoing spiritual growth.

​333 is a powerful symbol of divine presence, protection, and love, bringing support and positivity. 333 is a powerful and meaningful sequence that appears in various aspects of life. It's believed to carry messages from the celestial realm, offering support and encouragement to those who are open to its presence.

Private Facebook Group for Healing Podmates

​To share experiences, ask questions and celebrate your healing and love for the dolphins and whales!

April 14, 2024   Whales Speak session  (Note: 3rd Saturday)

Whales Speak Sessions

​Anne will channel the whales (and/or dolphins) and you will get to ask them any questions at all. You can ask personal, professional, spiritual, global questions or even ask the whales to tell you more about their lives.

​Price goes up to $33/month February 1st!

October 26, 2024   Whales Speak session  (Note: 4th Saturday)

July 13, 2024   Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing

September 21, 2024   Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing (Note: 3rd Saturday)

Only $22 per month

For more information about Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing.

January 20, 2024   Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing

​Price goes up to $333/year February 1st!

December 14, 2024   Whale Speak session

November 9, 2024   Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing

August 10, 2024   Whales Speak session 

Schedule of the Healing Pod Calls...

February 17, 2024  Whales Speak session (Note: 3rd Saturday)

March 16, 2024   Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing (Note: 3rd Saturday)

To contact Anne with any questions about the Healing Pod.

Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healings

​Anne will channel the powerful healing energy of the dolphins and whales for you. She will share the visions and wisdom messages they have sent for you. 

* Due to my retreat and event schedule some calls will be on the 3rd Saturday as noted above.

In this fun and powerful Healing Pod you will receive...

Anne Gordon, Dolphin Messenger, certified Dolphin Energy Healing practioner, Whale Whisperer, Whale Wisdom expert, Dolphin and Whale Watching tour guide, Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat facilitator, Biologist and Spiritual teacher, Author.

or pay $222 for one year 

(12 months for the price of 10)

May 18, 2024   Group Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing (Note: 3rd Saturday)

Join The Pod!  

a membership group

To bring you healing and wisdom from the dolphins and whales every month. 

Monthly Calls (held the 2nd Saturday of each month)

The calls will alternate each month with

- Group Dolphin/Whale Energy sessions

​- Whales Speak sessions