When you Create a Transformational Virtual Retreat

 you will...

​Learn from the Create Transformational Virtual Retreats online retreat how to create your own virtual retreats to grow your business. 

​​Price only $97 

The Create Transformational Virtual Retreat is not only an online training, it is also a chance for you to experience the format and power of a virtual retreat for yourself as a participant, so you are fully prepared to create your own powerful virtual retreat.

A Big list is not required! The beauty of a virtual retreat is that you don't need a big list to fill one. A virtual retreat ideally has 12-15 people and at a lower price point with great value, your audience will eagerly sign up!

Create Transformational Virtual Retreats

A Virtual Retreat Home Study Program

Discover how to build your business, increase income and create a deep connection

with your clients by leading your own Virtual Retreat.  

When you watch the Create Transformational Virtual Retreats Online Retreat you will...

Presented by Anne Gordon

Your life changing, transformational workshop or retreat got shut down due to the pandemic…Now What?

Your clients need you more than ever during these challenging times and even if you can’t have them plant their feet in the sand or walk through the woods or swim with dolphins…you can STILL create a powerful learning experience and life changing transformation… 


There has never been a better time to Create your own Transformational Virtual Retreats.

​People need you and your gifts right now more than ever. Virtual Retreats are the perfect way to... 

  • Provide great value to your clients,
  • Create a much needed sense of community.
  • ​Create a deep connection with your clients.
  • Give your clients the support they need during these trying times.​

Bonus: 1 on 1 Virtual Retreat Strategy Call with Anne
By attending the workshop you will get a 45 minute coaching call with me after the vurtual retreat to ask any follow up questions and get more support from me on what you have created for your virtual retreat.

Create Transformational

Virtual Retreats

​Home Study Program

  • Learn how to create your own transformational virtual retreat to make a deep impact in the lives of your clients.
  • Discover some fun activities to build a deep connection with everyone on the call.
  • Know what technology you need in place to make it happen.
  • Build an engaging schedule​​ for the maximum transformation.
  • ​Come up with the perfect price for an easy "Yes!" from your clients.

​Learn from the Create Transformational Virtual Retreats online retreat how to create your own virtual retreats to grow your business. 

​​Price only $97 

who has been leading her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom retreats internationally since 2007.  She created the Create Transformational Virtual Retreats online training to share her comprehensive knowledge and experience to support you in creating and leading your own successful and profitable virtual retreat.   

  • Grow your business with highly engaged new clients.
  • ​Increase your income in a fun new way.
  • Build momentum for your higher end offers.
  • Establish that desired 'Know, Like and Trust' factor
  • Turn new clients into raving fans!
  • Easily enroll them in your destination retreat after they get to know, love and trust you after your virtual retreat.​

Contact Anne with any questions.