Anne's beach cottage style home.

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An outstanding weekend getaway destination,

San Clemente offers plenty of activities for all ages. World-class beaches, a stunning ocean view hiking trail, excellent dining, and boutique shopping are just part of what makes this Orange County beach city a hidden gem. San Clemente quietly impresses visitors with a rich history of surfing culture, unlimited sunshine, and charming small town vibe.

Whale Watching Capitol of the World!  There is an abundance of dolphin and whale species that can be seen here, including; Gray whales, ​Humpback whales, Fin whales, Blue whales, Minke whales, ​Orca whales, Common dolphins, Risso's dolphins,  and Bottlenose dolphins. Plus Sea lions, Elephant seals, Harbor seals, Mola Mola fish and many seabirds.   

Limited to 6 people only

What's included:     
 Transportation for the day

● Whale Watching tour
 ​All meals on May 25

● All Dolphin Day in the Life activities

What's not included:
● Travel costs to and from San Clemente
● Snacks and alcohol drinks

● Hotel if needed
● Gratuities for boat crew (Optional)

● Souvenirs or any shopping purchases

A Dolphin Day in the Life

An intimate Playday with Anne in San Clemente, California, May 25

Want to spend a day in the life with Whale Wisdom Expert and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon in her hometown of San Clemente, California? Get a taste of what it is like to live the Dolphin Way. Discover how you can bring more of the Dolphin Way into your life, such as more joy, play, flow, unity/community and unconditional love. 

Your Dolphin Day in the Life Schedule:   

  • Morning Walk and meditation on the beach
  • Breakfast Smoothie at Anne’s house
  • 2 hour Whale Watching Tour
  • Lunch at a waterfront restaurant
  • Life Success Mastermind/Brainstorm on the beach
  • Group Dolphin~Whale Energy Healing (at the beach)
  • ​Free time/shopping in San Clemente or Laguna Beach (group choice)
  • ​Dinner at a waterfront restaurant
  • ​Movie at Anne's house

​Space is limited to only 6 beautiful souls. Are you one of them?

San Clemente Pier, 3 blocks from Anne's home.

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Let's play together May 25!     

​    Price   $997  *         

     Payment plans available

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  (Hotel for those traveling to San Clemente not included, but I can help     with arrangements.)

 Add on a Private VIP Spa Day for your Soul!

 If you would like some private, 1 on 1 time with Anne the day   before or after your small group Dolphin Day in the Life add it on for only $1,000 more. (Regular price $1,995 for 1 day)

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 Price  $1,997  for your small group Dolphin Day in the Life + your VIP  Spa Day for your Soul:  


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 *All payments are non-refundable​  

Photos all taken near Anne's home.

Anne Gordon ​is your host for your Dolphin Day in the Life.  Anne is an experienced whale watching guide, as well as a Dolphin Messenger, Whale Wisdom Expert and Certified Dolphin Energy Healer.  She is also a trained biologist and studied animal behavior and is expert at observing and interpreting the behavior of the dolphins.

She will eagerly share with you her insights, knowledge and wisdom she has learned from the dolphins whales in her years with them.