Price includes:     
 1 night (first) hotel at the Magnolia Inn
 International airport transfers to and from hotels
3 nights hotel at a beach front hotel in the Pearl islands
4 full days with the whales and dolphins on a catamaran sailboat
● All breakfasts, and all lunches on the island. (Dinners on your own)

● Snorkel Equipment

● Overnight visit to the village of Emberá Purú, includes all meals.

​● 2 nights hotel at the Magnolia Inn before and after the village trip

● Expert Naturalist guide and trip leader, Anne Gordon de Barrigón

● Guided meditations, communications from the whales and group whale and dolphin energy healings.

Price does not include:
● Flights to and from Panama City, Panama (PTY)
● Dinners in the Pearl Islands, Lunches and Dinners on the mainland
● Tips and gratuities
● Souvenirs, snacks and alcoholic drinks

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

Ancient Wisdom Retreat

in the Pearl Islands and Rainforest of Panama

August 4-9, 2019

Learn Ancient Wisdom from Whales, Dolphins and Indigenous People 

Dive deep into the Ancient Wisdom that the Whales, the Wisdom Keepers of the Earth have to share with us on this powerful retreat.  The Dolphins will show up to add the element of Joy to our learning from them as an example of living in complete Transparency and true Unity/Community.  We will spend 4 days in the beautiful Pearl Islands in a beach front hotel.  We will go out each day on a luxury catamaran sailboat to spend time with, observe, connect with, learn from and possibly even swim with the Humpback whales who have come to this area to honor the age old tradition of renewing life by creating and giving birth to their babies. After immersing ourselves in the powerful wisdom for the Dolphins and Whales, we will head back to the mainland and deep into the tropical rainforest to meet the indigenous tribe of the Emberá people.  The Emberá still live in traditional villages as they have for centuries.  They have no electricity, cell phone signal or technology, yet are some of the happiest people on Earth!  The Emberá are the embodiment of what it is to live on land as a Human Dolphin Pod!

 Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

in the Pearl Islands, Panama

Price     $2,995 per person  (double occupancy)

                 Pay in Full  $2,795     (save $200 when you pay in full)

 Single rates available         Final payment due by June 1, 2019
Space is limited  12 people maximum 

​​ Confirm your space now with a deposit or pay in full.

10% of all profits will be donated to the Emberá Purú Children's Education Fund

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Pay in Full to Book this Retreat $2,795

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your trip in case you need to cancel your trip or tour for any reason.  We recommend World Nomads for all your travel insurance needs.​ We love World Nomads because they are dedicated to promoting responsible travel and have a give back program to support charities around the world. 

The Emberá tribe live today much as they did before the first Spanish explorers arrived in Panama over 500 years ago.  You will spend the night with the Emberá in your own traditional hut, drifting to sleep with the soft noises of the jungle.  Waking up to the villagers taking their morning bath in the pristine river.  Feel free to join them!

Shamanic traditions and medicinal plants  will be just some of what the Emberá will share with us during our visit to their village.  They are proud and eager to share their history, culture and traditions with visitors and are equally curious about you and your life.  You will instantly be touched deeply by their gentle, open and friendly nature, where family and community are the most important values in life. 

Humpback whales are the keepers of the Akashic records on Earth.   Anne will share with you much of the wisdom she has learned in her 10 years with the Humpback whales.  You will learn about Being in the Present Moment, which comes easy in the presence of the whales.  You will learn about how to accept and embrace the natural flow of Abundance, just like the whales, the largest animals on the planet, who eat the smallest, and never struggle to find their food.

Float in the warm tropical waters listening the mystical song of the Whales.  You will not only hear the singing of the male Humpback whales, you will literally feel the notes vibrating in your body as they calibrate your DNA in perfect alignment with the harmony of the Earth.

Book this Retreat with a $700 Deposit

​Deposit is non-refundable

You will stay on Isla Contadora, one the Pearl Islands.   It is a small island, which you can easily walk end to end in half an hour.  It has 7 hotels, 6 restaurants, a few small stores, a free health clinic and a small airport.  It is also the location of many beautiful vacation homes for the wealthy and powerful Panamanian families. It also has 7 beautiful white sand beaches and many coral reefs that are an easy snorkel from the beach.

Contadora has a Portal to Lemuria and Mermaids that Anne discovered on the island.  The energy at the Portal  is powerful and palapable.  It is an incredible place to meditate. There is also a beach that Anne calls Mermaid Beach, because of the strong mermaid energy that can be easily felt there.  See if you can feel the mermaids by looking at the photo to the right.  That is the area where she feels the mermaids the strongest on the island.

Video taken by one of our overnight guests to the Emberá village.

Your host, Anne Gordon de Barrigón, has been married to one of the men from the village since 2004, so she has unique insights into the Emberá culture as well as being an American woman, she understands exactly what you are curious about too.  You will quickly see how much Anne loves and respects the Emberá people and how much they love her too.  Just watch the children run up to hug and play with her!

Tourism is helping to preserve the Emberá culture. The village of Emberá Purú is located within the Chagres National Park and tourism is their main source of income.  Anthropologists have found that tourism provides a motivation for the Emberá people to keep their traditions, culture and language alive as well as allowing them to live as they prefer to live and instills a sense of pride with visitors coming from around the world to meet and learn about them.

The Dolphins will teach you to remember your Joy through play and laughter that will come naturally after spending time with them.   You will also learn how to Go with the Flow and Surf easily through Challenges.  How to be Transparent and live in true Unity/Community. Then when you meet the Emberá people you will see they have mastered these Dolphin Living Skills in their culture.

Receive the healing energy from the Dolphins through observation of them in their natural habitat, maybe even swimming with them and channeled by Anne, with clear and powerful messages sent direct from the dolphins, just for you.  Dolphin Healing Energy is a deeply respectful, highly advanced form of energy healing. It can be helpful with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.