Choose your dream destination anywhere in the world!  Your VIP Deep Dive Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat can happen anywhere in the world where we can be with dolphins and/or whales that YOU desire!  

​Some possible  locations for your Deep Dive Experience:

Pearl Islands, Panama  to be with Humpback whales and Dolphins  

Isla Coiba, Panama to be with Humpback whales and Dolphins  

Tonga  to swim with Humpback whales

Tahiti   to swim with Humpback whales

Hawaii to swim with Dolphins and be with Humpback whales

Baja, Mexico ​to be with Gray whales and/or Blue whales

San Juan Islands or British Columbia to be with the Orca whales

Bimini, Bahamas  to swim with Dolphins

Northern Canada to be with and swim with Beluga whales and be with Narwhals.

California to be with dolphins and Gray, Blue, Humpback whales

Dominica to swim with Sperm whales

New Zealand to be with Orca whales and swim with Hector's dolphins

Australia to be with Humpback whales, dolphins and swim with Dwarf Minke whales and visit sacred Aboriginal sites like Uluru

Azores to swim with dolphins and be with Sperm whales

South Africa to be with Southern Right whales and go on Safari

​Argentina to be with Southern Right whales and Commerson's dolphins

Peru to swim with Pink Amazon River dolphins and visit sacred sites like Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines

​Sri Lanka  to swim and be with Blue and Sperm whales, Elephants and visit ancient temples         

The world is your oyster.  Choose a location from this list or suggest the dream destination that is calling to you.

Contact Anne to design your own Private VIP Deep Dive Experience with the Whales and Dolphins.

Design your own retreat!  Stay in a beach front hotel, private vacation rental home, onboard a luxury yacht or a catamaran sailboat.  It is completely up to you to decide where you will stay.  This will be the retreat of your dreams designed by you! Let Anne know your desires and she will handle all the logistics, find the perfect lodging for you to completely relax free of all worries about making arrangements and accompany you every step of your spiritual journey. 

Choose from 3-5 days or more if you want!  You can determine the length of your personal healing immersion retreat that will fit into your personal schedule.  Just contact Anne and let her know where you would like to go, for how long and what your goals for your Private VIP Deep Dive Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat are.

 Reserve your VIP Deep Dive Experience now

These retreats are designed for one person to have an intimate, personal and private healing experience with the dolphins and whales.  

Prices start at

$5,999* for a 3 day Deep Dive    

$9,999* For a 5 day Deep Dive
                                        Additional people can be added at half price.                                                                            The number 9 represents completion, which is how you will feel after your VIP Deep Dive, Complete.

 * Air fare not included

Give yourself the Ultimate 1-on-1 VIP

Deep Dive Experience!

Dive deep into self healing with the gentle support of the Dolphins and Whales.

                                    Do you feel the need for a radical change in your life?  

                                    Have you been feeling that it is time to let go of the day to day busyness and reconnect to your true self?  

                                Are you ready to finally let go of past anger, fears and limiting beliefs?  

                                Is it time to step into your true power, realize your greatest desires and discover how to fulfill your life's purpose?  


                       You can achieve all of this and so much more by diving deep into connection and immersing yourself completely in the                      healing  energies generously offered by the whales and dolphins on your very own Private Whale and Dolphin Wisdom                        Retreat.  Your facilitator, Whale Wisdom Expert, Anne Gordon de Barrigón, will be with you every step of the way,                                  assisting you with daily guided meditations and channeled Dolphin and Whale Energy Healing sessions. 

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

You will have a private and intimate adventure with the whales, dolphins and Anne to dive deep into healing.

Release limiting beliefs, anger, sadness and/or fears by reconnecting with yourself, the dolphins and whales, the ocean, nature.

Embrace and welcome true Joy.

Feel completely relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Learn how to Be in the Present Moment all through spending each day with the dolphins and whales.  

Establish a deep, personal and lasting spiritual connection with your own personal Dolphin or Whale Spirit Guide.

Learn useful and applicable Wisdom from the Dolphins and Whales.

Achieve clarity and focus on your life/soul purpose.

​Come up with a plan with action steps to live fully in joy and connection from now on.

Return home with a renewed sense of Peace and Excitement for the future.

Who is a VIP?  YOU ARE!!  It is time to step up and recognize yourself as the amazing and Very Impressive Person that you are by gifting yourself with a one-on-one Deep Dive into self healing, self realization and reconnection with your higher self and life purpose. Anne will lead daily guided meditations, Dolphin Energy Healing sessions and/or Dolphin Heart Practices just for you.

Your host, Whale Wisdom Expert, Anne Gordon de Barrigóngrew up boating in the San Juan islands in the Pacific NW of the USA watching Orca whales.  Since 2006 she has been running Humpback whale watching tours and Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats in Panama and around the world.   She graduated with a Biology and Animal Behavior degree. 

She is fun-loving, spontaneous, playful as well as respectful and supportive to her guests. She loves spending time out with the whales and dolphins and likes nothing more than to share the beauty of the whales and dolphins and her knowledge and love of them with others. Anne has a deep spiritual relationship with the whales and dolphins and loves to share the spiritual wisdom she has learned from the dolphins and whales.  She is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing practitioner who receives powerful visions and messages for her clients. She feels the whales and dolphins are her true soul family, in fact the whales have given her the name, "Walking Whale".

Price includes:     
 3-5 nights lodging hotel or boat at retreat location
 International airport transfers to and from hotel or boat
 3-5 days with the dolphins/and or whales
● All breakfasts included.  Lunches on all boat trips included 

   (Dinners on your own)

● Snorkel Equipment

● Visit to local sacred sites.

● Expert Naturalist guide and trip leader, Anne Gordon de Barrigón

● Daily guided meditations, communications from the      whales/dolphins, whale and dolphin energy healings and Dolphin Heart  Practice sessions.

Price does not include:
● Flights to and from Retreat location
● Dinners on location, Lunches and Dinners on the mainland
● Tips and gratuities
● Souvenirs, snacks and alcoholic drinks