1 Dolphin Energy Healing session and 3 Dolphin Dialogue sessions. (per year)

Live in complete Unity/Community with your Podmates.

The deep rewards of Altruism.

Monthly live content presentations with Q &A.

Price: $33 per month

Two levels to choose from to join The Pod...

1 Private Dolphin Energy Healing session (per year)

Go with the Flow and easily surf through challenges.

Let go of past regrets and guilt, worrying about the future and simply Be in the Present Moment, always.

Monthly Pod Gathering Calls for play, community and discussion.

Private group monthly Dolphin Energy Healing session.

or pay $333 for one year 

(12 months for the price of 10)

Personal Dolphin Journal  (pdf download)

Private Pod/Community support Facebook group.

The Dolphin level

Plus even more bonuses...

Guided meditations and home play.

The Whale level

or pay $444 for one year 

(12 months for the price of 10)

The Dolphin level

Access to 21 Days of Dolphin and Whale Wisdom course ($97 value)

Plus these great bonuses...

Open to the natural flow of Abundance.

Access to Whale School of Wealth, Open to Abundance course ($97 value) 

I am excited to share with you the wisdom of the Dolphins, the masters of Joy, Play, Flow, Connection, Transparency and Unconditional love to help you live a life of ease, grace and always with a smile on your face.

Master the art of Joy and Play.

In this fun and playful Pod you will learn how to...

All of the above plus...

The Whale Level   Living the Dolphin Way Program is made up of...

Join The Pod!  

a membership group

To help you Live the Dolphin Way every day and every moment of your life. 

Price: $44 per month

or pay $444 for one year 

(12 months for the price of 10)

The Whale level

The Dolphin Level   Living the Dolphin Way Program is made up of...

Embrace and enjoy complete Transparency.

or pay $333 for one year 

(12 months for the price of 10)

What are you waiting for?  The Dolphins, Whales and I can't wait to share their way of life with you.

Wisdom from the Sea Ebook – Channeled wisdom from the dolphins and whales.

Personal Dolphin Journal  (physical book mailed to you)

Monthly private Living the Dolphin Way coaching session with Anne

$200 discount on any Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat & 20% off any healing or virtual retreats.

Price: $44 per month

Anne Gordon, Dolphin Messenger, certified Dolphin Energy Healing practioner, Whale Whisperer, Whale Wisdom expert, Dolphin and Whale Watching tour guide, Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat facilitator, Biologist and Spiritual teacher, Author.

Embody and receive Unconditional Love.

Price: $33 per month