In the Spirit of the Orca Virtual Retreat you will...

● Meet and work with your Orca Spirit Guide

● Spiritual Swims with the Orcas in guided meditations

● Orca Energy Healing session.

● Fun play activities to experience and express joy

● Unity/Community building to create your new pod/spirit family

​● Discover how to live like the Orcas in your daily life.

● and so much more!

We will meet online for 6 hours via Zoom on May 21, 

9 am -4:00 pm Pacific, 12 pm - 7:30 pm Eastern 
​6 full hours of Orca energy, wisdom and fun (1 hour meal break)

Live your dream of swimming with the dolphins in the Living the Dolphin Way Virtual Retreat        

 May 21, 2022 

​    Price   $222 *      


 Payment plans

     3 payments of $80 per month        

    Just click on the $222 button and choose the payment plan that      works best for you.                                                                  

 *All payments are non-refundable​   

   The retreat will be recorded if you have to miss any of the sessions.

​Calling all those who are committed to creating a healthy, respectful and harmonious planet Earth for all beings to live. Put your healing and natural gifts to work. Join together with the Orcas to heal the waters of the world for a healthier home for the ocean and all marine life. This retreat is for anyone who feels called to contribute to the healing of the waters.

Help us to Heal the Waters of the Salish Sea, the home of the Resident Orca whales.  This retreat is not just about receiving healing, wisdom and connecting with the magical orcas.  It is also about sending healing to the orcas and their ocean environment. As Apex predators, Orcas keep the populations of the oceans healthy and vibrant.  We will be applying the techniques we learn from the Orcas to support them in keeping their environment clean and pure.                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Deep Dive into Orca Wisdom.   There is much we can learn from the Orcas, how to live in true harmony physically and energetically with the world around us. How to live in perfect balance with both the light and dark that exists within you and around you. 

The Power of the Pod. Orcas live in tight family units their entire lives embodying a beautiful sense of Unity/Community all while allowing for, honoring and respecting each member's unique personality and gifts.  Connect with your own Pod of spiritual Orca lovers to create a powerful sense of community for yourself.

Step into your power. Orcas are the Apex animals in all the seas. Yet, they are gentle, playful, dedicated to family, never taking more than they need, always conscious of the highest good for all. The Orcas are inviting you to step into living at the top of your game. Becoming the apex or all that you can be in this lifetime!

 Spirit of the Orca Virtual Retreat

 Online everywhere, May 21, 2022  

Does the Spirit of the Orca call to the depths of your soul? Open a deep spiritual connection with the Orca whales. Open your heart, mind and soul to receive messages directly from the Orcas. Spend a day immersed in the energy of the Orcas.  Learn Orca wisdom that you can apply to your life to live more in harmony and perfect balance. Receive Orca healing energy channeled for you. Meet new friends, like-minded orca lovers like yourself in this powerful 1-day virtual retreat.

Led by Anne Gordon 

Anne ​grew up in the Pacific NW boating with her family and observing the Orcas.  They are her first cetacean love!  She feels they have been guiding her since childhood, like her spiritual big brother.  

Anne loves to share her passion and connection with the whales with you. She is a certified Dolphin Energy Healer and has a gift for leading powerful guided meditations to help you connect on a deep level with the whales. She is a trained biologist and keen observer of Animal Behavior. You can trust Anne to create a sacred safe space for you by respecting your needs and making you feel at ease and relaxed while enjoying this powerful virtual retreat.