Spirit of the Orca Retreat

on San Juan Island, WA,  September 29-October 3, 2017 

with Anne Gordon de Barrigón and Jillian Rutledge

Is this retreat right for you? Are you feeling the call to connect deeply with the Orcas? Would you like to

assist the Orcas in healing their waters and creating a vibrant and healthy world for us all?

Take a few minutes to fill out this form to gain clarity within yourself about joining the Humans & Orcas

Manifesting a new Earth (H.O.M.E) pod gathering at this retreat.

 ​​with any questions or comments about the retreat.

When you sign up for this retreat you are creating a partnership with the Orcas and to being a member of the Human-Orca Manifesting a new Earth (H.O.M.E.) project we are beginning with this retreat.   We look forward to having you as part of the HOME pod and sharing the wisdom of the Orcas with you.​ We are thrilled you are considering joining us in September to be with the Orcas in the beautiful San Juan Islands.  

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