2 days of boat trips to observe Humpback whales and possibly Pilot whales and Manta rays.  We will head out in the morning to explore further to find more dolphins, whales, manta rays, and possibly Pilot whales to play with.  

3 days of swimming or kayaking with the dolphins from our ocean front home or one of the three local bays popular with the dolphins.

A day to visit the active volcano and connect with Goddess Pele. We will take one day to drive up to the volcano to connect with the raw power of Pele and Mother Earth and watch molten lava as it creates new land on the island.  

Photo taken on my last Hawaii retreat.

Are you ready to dive deep into connection with the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins?

February 21-28, 2019

​Price   $2,295*  

Early Dolphin Price  $1995*

(Paid in full by October 30, 2018) 

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                                     Prices based on Double Occupancy 
 Space is limited  8 guests maximum

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 We will stay together in an ocean front home on Kealakekua Bay,  where we can see the dolphins and Humpback whales as they swim by.  You will be able to literally swim or kayak to be with them right from our own shore!  Snorkeling colorful coral reefs and often with Sea turtles is another fun option from our home. 

The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a beautiful open floor plan and large kitchen, for us to live as a human dolphin pod in family and community during our time together on the island.  The house will provide towels, snorkel equipment and kayaks for us to enjoy our stay on the Big Island.

People and dolphin photos taken on my last Hawaii retreat.

 The Spinner dolphins in Hawaii have been swimming with people for 30 years.   They love to interact with humans who are ready to open their hearts to them.  They choose to enter bays that are easily accessible and popular with people.  Part of their life's purpose is to bring joy to people and to help raise their vibration.  The very best way for them to do their work is for you to be in the water with them.   

​Respectful in Water Encounters is how we will approach the dolphins in their watery home.  We will observe them in their natural environment as they observe and engage us to play the famous 'leaf game' and mimic our movements.  Don't be surprised if they read your thoughts and answer your questions through their actions and telepathic communication.

 Space Available for 8 amazing people!

What's included:     
 Seven nights and six days accommodations  at a gorgeous ocean front home.

● Transfers to and from or between airport on Thursday, February 21 and Thursday, February 28.
 Two days of boat trips to see Humpback whales, Pilot whales and Manta rays.
 ● Three days of swimming or kayaking with the dolphins or snorkeling coral reefs with sea turtles from our home or visit the nearby bays, all depending on where the dolphins are that day.  

​● A full day excursion to visit the active volcano and connect with Pele.

​ ● Expert Naturalist guide and trip leader,  Anne  Gordon de Barrigón

● Kayaks and snorkel equipment. (The house has snorkel equipment but may not have your size if you have unique sized feet.)
Guided meditations, communications from the dolphins and whales and group whale and dolphin energy healings.

What's not included:
● Any airfare or airfare related expenses. 
● All food and meals.  
● Excess baggage/lost baggage charges. 
Tips or Gratuity for Crew and Guides. 

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

Anne Gordon de Barrigón ​Is your host for this magical bucket list experience.  Anne is an experienced Humpback whale watching and dolphin snorkel guide in Panama, as well as a Whale Wisdom Expert and Certified Dolphin Energy Healer.  She is also a trained biologist and studied animal behavior and is expert at observing and interpreting the behavior of the dolphins and whales.

She will eagerly share with you her insights, knowledge and wisdom she has learned from the dolphins whales in her years with them.  Anne will lead guided meditations to meet your very own dolphin spirit guide as well as Dolphin Energy Healing sessions for the group. 

Swim and Play with Wild Dolphins

on the Big Island of Hawaii   

February 21-28, 2019 

Have you dreamed of swimming in the tropical waters of Hawaii with the friendly Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins? Here is your opportunity to join Whale Wisdom Expert and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon de Barrigónto commune with wild dolphins and also Humpback whales. We will stay in an ocean front home for 7 days right on world famous Kealakekua Bay, where the Spinner dolphins come in to rest and play most mornings and Humpback whales pass by frequently. This trip is all about play, fun and creating new and deep connections with the dolphins. I am only opening up space for 6 people to go on this trip for the most intimate experience for all.