​Calling all those who are committed to creating a healthy, respectful and harmonious planet Earth for all beings to live. Put your healing and natural gifts to work. Join together with the Orcas to heal the waters of the world for a healthier home for the ocean and all marine life. This retreat is for anyone who feels called to contribute to the healing of the waters.

Help us to Heal the Waters of the Salish Sea, the home of the Resident Orca whales.  This retreat is not just about receiving healing, wisdom and connecting with the magical orcas.  It is also about sending healing to the orcas and their ocean environment. As Apex predators, Orcas keep the populations of the oceans healthy and vibrant.  We will be applying the techniques we learn from the Orcas to support them in keeping their environment clean and pure.                                                                                                                                                                                       Read more

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 ​ Full 5 days  Single Occupancy

​ Price   $3,995 per person 

   $750 non-refundable deposit ​​


Anne Gordon de Barrigón ​grew up in the Pacific NW and boating with her family and observing the orcas.  They are her first cetacean love!  She feels they have been guiding her since childhood, like her spiritual big brother.  

Anne loves to share her passion and connection with the whales with you. She is a certified Dolphin Energy Healer and has a gift for leading powerful guided meditations to help you connect on a deep level with the whales. She is a trained biologist and keen observer of Animal Behavior. You can trust Anne to create a sacred safe space for you by respecting your needs and making you feel at ease and relaxed while enjoying this powerful retreat of a lifetime.

3 Days with the Orcas:

Are you ready to achieve Perfect Balance with the Orcas?
September 29-October 3, 2017 

Spirit of the Orca Retreat

in  Perfect Balance

on San Juan Island, WA,  September 14- 18, 2018

with Anne Gordon de Barrigón and Jillian Rutledge

Does the Spirit of the Orca call to the depths of your soul? Open a deep spiritual connection with the Puget Sound Orca whales. Orcas are the Apex Predators of the Seas. Open your heart, mind and soul to receive messages directly from the orcas. Spend time each day on the water in the presence of orcas, as well as dolphins, seals, sea lions and eagles.  Learn orca wisdom that you can apply to your life to live more in harmony and perfect balance. Receive Orca healing energy channeled for you. Meet new friends, like-minded orca lovers like yourself. Spend time in the spectacular San Juan Islands in a beautiful water view hotel surrounded and immersed in Orca presence for 3-5 days. 

5 Day Deep Dive Experience with the Orcas:

 ​​ Full 5 days Double Occupancy**

​ Price  $3,595 per person

 **The Friday Harbor House Hotel does not have

 double rooms with two beds.  Each room has one

 King bed and one pull out sofa bed.

 $750 non-refundable deposit ​​​

  3 days only, Sept. 29-Oct. 1  Double Occupancy**

 Price  $2,395

 **The Hotel does not  have  double rooms with two beds.  Each room  has one  King bed and one pull out sofa bed.

 $500 non-refundable deposit ​​

Confirm your space now with a non-refundable deposit  or pay in full. 

 Deep Dive into Orca Wisdom on day 4 and 5.   On Monday we will take a 6 hour kayak tour to be with the orcas to meet them at their level as well as meet other marine wildlife such as harbor seals and sea lions.  The kayak tour is not as strenuous as it sounds!  You can be matched with a stronger paddler if you are not feeling comfortable about your kayak skills and we will stop for lunch at one of the beaches along the way.

We will also visit Lime Kiln Park, aka, Whale Watch Park, where the orcas often pass close to shore for a sunset ceremony.  No, we won't actually be diving in the cold water with the orcas, but we will be diving deep into connection with the spirit of the orcas.

 We will enjoy 4 boat trips  to be with the orcas with Maya's Legacy Whale Watching company.  On Friday and Sunday, we will take a 3 hour excursion and on Saturday we get to spend a full 6 hours on the water to completely immerse ourselves with the orcas and their environment.

We will stay in picturesque Friday Harbor at the Friday Harbor House with a view of the harbor and walking distance to the marina, ferry, cute gift shops, local restaurants and the well known Whale Museum.

 What does it mean to be an Apex Predator? ​Orcas are at the apex or top of the food chain. They are also the largest members of the dolphin family  with very complex social structures and language. Orcas are mirrors for humans to learn from as we as a species are the apex predators on land.  There is  much we can learn from them as they live in Perfect Balance with their environment as we humans need to do.  

 The Puget Sound Orcas have been declared an Endangered Species as they face dwindling food supplies, harmful toxins and sound pollution in their  environment. This is due to human activities that have thrown off the natural state of balance.  It is up to us as part of our Human-Orca partnership to  step up and model living in Abundance to restore the natural perfect balance for the Orcas and all life on Earth. At this critical time the Orcas, as our co-  apex partners on this planet are in need of our support.  By joining us on this retreat, you will become part of the Human-Orca Manifesting a new Earth  project (H.O.M.E.)

Jillian Rutledge ​​has been in direct contact with dolphins for 20 years. She is an intuitive healer, breath & life coach, yoga practitioner and freediving instructor helping you go past your fears into feeling alive. She is passionate about working cooperatively with you, in collaboration with the dolphins, whales and the ocean. She is here to enCOURAGE and mindfully guide our adventures –diving deeper into you.

​One of the most important aspects she learned was the value of conscious breathing and the freedom this practice opens in the constructs of the mind. In 2009, she transferred all of this experience into becoming a facilitator and adventure guide, assisting people to use their breath to be at ease in the ocean while demonstrating respectful and cooperative ways to interact with dolphins, facilitating a connection. 

  3 days only Sept. 29-Oct. 1

 Single Occupancy

 Price $2,795

 $500 non-refundable deposit 

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What's included:     
 Four nights and five days accommodations  at a Friday Harbor House Hotel. 

● Three 3 hour boat trips and one 6 hour boat trips with the orcas.

● One 6 hour kayak with the orcas trip. (Full 5 days only)
 Guided meditations, wisdom teachings, activities  communications from the orcas and group orca energy healings.

​● Breakfast at the hotel.

​​●Snacks on boat trips.
● Friday night Pizza party.

​● Saturday evening Halibut dinner with special guest speaker from the Center for Whale Research.

​● $100 donation per person to the Center for Whale Research.

● Expert Naturalist guides and trip leaders,  Anne  Gordon de Barrigón & Jillian Rutledge
 Visit to Lime Kiln Park, aka, Whale Watch Park for a Sunset ceremony.  (Full 5 days only)

What's not included:
● Travel to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington state, USA

● All food and meals other than Pizza party, Halibut dinner, lunch onboard    the boat on Saturday and breakfasts.
● Souvenirs and gifts
● Tips or Gratuity for boat crew and guides. 

 3 days only, Sept. 29-Oct. 1   without Hotel included

​ Price   $1,995 per person 

   $750 non-refundable deposit 


 Full 5 days  without Hotel

​ Price   $2,995 per person 

    $750 non-refundable deposit 


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