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Take a Past Life Pilgrimage

with Wendy Williams

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Take a past life pilgrimage with Hypnotherapist, Wendy Williams to understand yourself better in your current life. Hear about her fascinating travels to locations where she had lived before in previous lives.

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International Retreat Leader, Anne Gordon has been leading  transformational Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world since 2007. She loves sharing how easy and fun it is to lead your clients to making a huge transformation in their lives.


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Meet Wendy Rose Williams, MBA, Hypnotherapist/ Reiki Master Energy Healer and Certified Spiritual Teacher.  As a Past Life Adventure Guide, Wendy Rose Williams helps adults from around the world who are struggling to release pain, anxiety and depression. 

Through the techniques she's learned working with some of the world’s most renowned hypnotherapy experts including Dr. Brian Weiss, Wendy is able to lead clients through a healing process. People are able to finally start living this life with joy and purpose when they release the energy that does not serve them."

In this episode, Wendy shares about several day trips she has taken to locations she felt a strong pull and connection to. She recounts how while in these places she has spontaneous past life 'visions', seeing in her mind's eye, what happened in the exact same location in a previous life. Often involving her friends who were traveling with her now and then!

Your host, Anne Gordon, also shares a spontaneous past life as a Buffalo Caller in a Native American village in Montana and a powerful trigger that literally froze her in her tracks after watching a movie to find out years later that she had lived out exactly what had been portrayed in the movie with her husband in this life. 

Wendy shares how you too, can remember your own past life memories and take a past life pilgimage to visit these places in your cellular memory to reveal more details, validate them and possibly even heal and release any painful baggage or karma you may still be unconsciously carrying around with you today.

Get your free gift from Wendy, contact her at and mention you heard her on the Transformational Travel podcast to get a copy of one of her books on Audible.

Or go to Amazon for Wendy's books:

Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Soldier

The Flow I: The Plimouth Plantation


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