Here is your list of 10 locations around the world where you can easily make your dreams come true!

In this report you will learn the top 10 places in the world to swim with wild dolphins in the ocean.

You will find out 

  • Insider tips about each location
  • Where and how to locate each destination.  
  • The best and most responsible tour operators.
  • Four honorable mention bonus locations

Plus a Bonus guide on how to swim responsibly with wild dolphins.

Have you always dreamed of 

swimming with wild dolphins?

Created by Anne Gordon,

(pictured swimming with Atlantic Spotted dolphins in Bimini on her Dolphin Bliss Retreat) 

‚ÄčAnne has been swimming with wild dolphins for over 20 years around the world.  Her favorite thing to do is to lead her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats to help her participants experience joy and connection when they swim and play with wild dolphins on her retreats.

Anne is a Dolphin Ambassador and Whale Wisdom Expert. Sharing the wisdom the dolphins and whales share with her that bring so much joy to all of our lives.

Top 10 Places to Swim with Wild Dolphins

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