Top 10 Tips to get started with Joint Ventures

  • Know everything you need to play the JV game.

  • Start step by step getting ready to crush it with JV partners.

  • Recognize and approach your ideal JV partners.

  • Understand what technology you need to track JV sales.

  • Get JV ready!

Top 10 Tips to Get Started with Joint Ventures 

These tips will help you to...

Created by Anne Gordon

Anne Gordon has been doing Joint Ventures long before she even know what they were called! She started by partnering with retreat leaders who had an audience and were looking for a magical location and experience to hold a retreat. She hosted and provided all the logistics for healers, transformational leaders and animal communicators on her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats.

Anne has since become a sought after JV partner in the coaching industry and has partnered with such big names as Alina Vincent, Jay Fiset, Rich German, Iman Aghay, Alina Vincent, Christina Hills, Marcy Nelson-Garrison, Julia Stege and Ryan Eliason.  She consistently lands on the top leaderboards for both sales and most number of opt ins for her JV partners and in 2020, she earned over $21,000 just through her Joint Ventures.

Anne is dedicated to supporting you to play the JV game and win big, as she has.