French Polynesia declared itself a Marine Mammal Sanctuary in 2002 offering protection to all of the 16 species of Whales and Dolphins found here. The lagoon and ocean surrounding Moorea, French Polynesia is warm and clear, making it one of the best places in the world to swim with and observe Humpback Whales in the mating and nursery areas. 

​Soft-in-Water Encounters is the accepted term for the legal technique of swimming with the whales.  This ensures that everyone safeguards the integrity of the humpback whales at all times.  Mo'orea is one of only places in the world where it is legal to swim with wild whales.

 6 days of swimming with the whales. ​Each day we will go out for a 5 hours to meet the whales.  The whales are often found within minutes of leaving the island.  We will spend as much time as possible with the whales.  We practice respectful, responsible whale watching practices, always give the whales the choice and control over our encounters.

Besides the gentle Humpback whales, it is very likely we will also see Spinner and Roughtooth dolphins and even Pilot whales, if possible, we will swim with them too.  Near our hotel is a beautiful coral reef where we can swim with friendly stingrays and harmless reef sharks too!

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 Your home on Mo'orea, ​is the Mo'orea Sunset Beach Hotel ​where you will stay in a bungalow facing the magnificent lagoon of Haapiti.  Located on the spot known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Polynesia, you will discover a fauna and a protected and beautiful underwater flora. You can swim with the stingrays, play with clown fish, admire sunsets like no other. 

The island of Mo'orea is formed in the shape of a heart!  We will visit local stores, see how the locals live and take a tour to the center of the island, the center of the heart to visit temples and Anne  will lead a powerful meditation to connect to the land, the heart, the native culture and Lemuria.  Mo'orea is also known as the heart of the ancient land of Lemuria.

What's included:     
 Six nights accommodations at the Mo'orea Sunset Beach Hotel
The excursion is six nights and seven days. Unless you choose to stay for both weeks.
 Six 5 hour boat trips to swim with the whales.

​● Tour to to visit temples in the heart of the island.

​● Transportation by van and ferry from Tahiti to Mo'orea (17 km.)

● Traditional Polynesian luau and dance show.

● Snorkeling and/or camera/video equipment rental.
● Expert Naturalist guide and trip leader, Anne  Gordon.

Guided meditations, communications from the whales and group whale and dolphin energy healings.

What's not included:
● Any airfare or airfare related expenses. 
● Meals are not included. Snacks will be provided on the boat.
● Souvenirs
Tips or Gratuity for Crew and Guides 

Photo taken on our 2019 retreat.

                 Magic in Mo'orea

                           Swim with Humpback Whales   

                                       Two weeks to choose from... or come for both!

                                           October 10-16 &/or Oct. 17-23, 2022

Have you dreamed of swimming in crystal clear waters of the South Pacific with Humpback whales? Here is your opportunity to join Whale Wisdom Expert and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon on this trip of a lifetime. You will spend 6 nights and 7 days on the tropical island of Mo'orea, a short ferry ride from Tahiti. Each day you will go out to see and swim with the majestic Humpback whales who graciously allow you to observe them in the warm tropical waters. Watch mothers with curious calves, observe the mating rituals and float immersed in the sounds of the male Humpback's mystical song. Anne will lead meditations and share communications from the whales to help you connect with them on the spiritual level after spending the day meeting them face to face in their ocean home.

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

Are you ready to dive deep into connection with the Humpback whales in Mo'orea?

October 10-16 and/or 17-23 , 2022 

​Price   $3,495* per person for 1 week  
​* per person for both weeks

        $700 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space

                                  Prices based on Double Occupancy 
Single rates available         Contact us for full payment details
Space is limited  10 guests maximum each week

​​ Confirm your space now with a non-refundable deposit or pay in full.

       Week 1, October 10-16

              Deposit  $700


               Pay in full  $3,495

​        Week 2, October 17-23

               Deposit  $700

​             Pay in full  $3,495

     Both weeks, October 10-23

               Deposit  $1,000

​              Pay in full  $6,590

             Payment plans available.         

     Contact Anne for payment plan or any questions about the trip.

​     * All payments nonrefundable

Video from our 2019 Mo'orea retreat.

It is always a good idea to purchase travel insurance for your trip in case you need to cancel your trip or tour for any reason.  We recommend World Nomads for all your travel insurance needs.​

​We love World Nomads because they are dedicated to promoting responsible travel and have a give back program to support charities around the world. 

Anne Gordon ​is your host for this once in a lifetime experience.

Anne is an experienced Humpback whale watching guide, as well as a Whale Wisdom Expert and Certified Dolphin Energy Healer.  She will eagerly share with you her insights, knowledge and wisdom she has learned from the whales in her years with them.  Anne will lead guided meditations to meet your very own whale spirit guide as well as Dolphin Energy Healing sessions for the group. 

Anne has been swimming with Humpback whales for years in Panama.  She knows how to swim with them respectfully and draw them in for the most incredible encounters possible.