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International Retreat Leader, Anne Gordon has been leading  transformational Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world since 2007. She loves sharing how easy and fun it is to lead your clients to making a huge transformation in their lives.

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​Meet Molly Mandelberg, the Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up and Creator of Magnetic Influencer Collective. As a tech-savvy strategist, Molly supports coaches, healers, and emerging thought-leaders to expand their outreach, so they can connect with more people, and make more money with less time spent. She runs her 6-figure business while traveling full time in her self-converted sprinter van and has been nomadic for most of the last 13 years. 

In this episode Molly shares how to find the magic that lies in between formal scheduled travel. She encourages you to relax into the travel to allow for the magic moments to unfold organically as you travel, and how those moments can bring about the most powerful transformations of all.

She shares how travel as a young adult was an escape from a destructive path she was on and along the way, she got curious about and found herself in a whole new way, that would have never happened if she stayed at home, in a routine life.  In her words, she "found herself in travel."

Molly talks about the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone to discover who you truly are, whether that is traveling to Thailand or visiting local sites near your home that you have never been to before.

Molly has been living in her self-built Sprinter van and running her own 6 figure business and tells us how even though she is a digital nomad, going with the flow in her travels, she creates structure for herself to be the most productive and efficient in her nomadic lifestyle.

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Molly Mandelberg has been traveling internationally since I was 2 years old. Travel is her greatest passion and has been her biggest source of personal growth and transformation.

Finding Yourself Through Travel

with Molly Mandelberg

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