Opening to Connnection with Linda Gareh-Applegate

Meet Linda Gareh-Applegate and her journey of how she opened up to a deep connection and communication with Dolphins and Whales. She shares her unique and healing whale voice with us in this episode.

Linda writes: "In the painting, to find the word joy, the letter J is in green at the bottom, the letter Y is in pink at the top and if you use a lot of imagination the O is formed from the bottom of the Y in pink and background purple in the middle of the painting.

If you look at the top left, it looks like a dolphin releasing a spout. Then if you look to the right of the bottom of the J it looks like a dolphin facing nose down. There is also the hint of a dolphin face in blue in the middle - pointing to the right of the picture."

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​Linda  started a deep journey with whale around 2011. From that time onwards she read many books about whales and took every opportunity she could to go on whale watches and retreats. 

Attending the First Cetacean Summit organized by Anne Gordon was life changing. She was fascinated by the accounts of all the presenters and learned so much from them. 

Shortly, thereafter she started to teach workshops on whales. People need to know who these incredible beings are. They are not "fish" as some people refer to them but highly sentient, evolved beings. It is her mission, through workshops and as a whale and dolphin energy healing practitioner to en-lighten people about these amazing beings. 

Linda had been an energy healer for many years, first as an Authentic Reiki® Master/Teacher and then using a technique called Frequencies of Brilliance™. These energy healing modalities acted as stepping stones for her to become an energy channel. 

Initially she was channeling the energy of the angels and then whales started to come through her. This awakened her interest in whales and dolphins and led her to read many books on them and connect with them on whale watching trips and retreats. 

She received dolphin attunements from Linda Shay, who then directed her to attend the first Cetacean Summit being organized by Anne. Later she trained as a whale and dolphin energy healing practitioner. 

In this episode Linda shares some of her magical encounters with Dolphins and Whales, both in the physical as well as spiritually.  She channels for us some Light Language and two different frequencies direct from the whales!

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