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Journey with Jonathan Bengel and hear the powerful life lessons he learned walking the Camino de Santiago.

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In this episode you will meet Jonathon Bengel, a tax accountant by trade, but a world traveler and life philosopher at heart.  Jonathan shares many of the powerful life lessons he learned while walking the historic Camino de Santiago through France and Spain.   Jonathan began his journey thinking he was on vacation and very quicky realized that this would be much more of a challenge than he had planned on.  

Jonathan will recount how he learned several profound life lessons on the very first day when he ignored helpful advice to take the right path and his rebellious nature came out and  they took the left path, only to realize that it was much steeper and took them miles out of their way.  Then a thick fog rolled in, which he calls the fog of ignorance, which made their walk extremely dangerous as it was a  challenge to see the precarious cliff they walked next to.  Later they found out that someone had taken the same trail the day before and fell to her death in that same thick fog.  

Jonathan's adventure turned into a life-changing  journey, one that brought him to tears and complete vulnerability but ultimately brought him to rediscover himself with a deep and renewed sense of faith and self. I know you will enjoy hearing his story as much as I did.

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