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Jayka shares her powerful journey of healing breast cancer through complete surrender while she traveled the world with her husband.

Jayka healed herself of stage 4 breast cancer without surgery or treatments. She is the author of her published book: Healed by Cancer where she goes into great detail explaining her empowering journey with cancer which led her from fear to freedom.

She is now also a wellness coach with a focus on the practice of surrender, she is a YouTuber, blogger and podcaster. 

Jayka shares her powerful story of following her dream of traveling the world with her husband, despite being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.  Hear how she discovered the power of surrender and acceptance of what is, where there is no need to change anything in your life, even cancer.  When she attained complete surrender to what is, she found that her cancer was gone.

Her courageous journey takes her to the place of complete transparency as she is guided to write a book about her healing journey and revealing her deepest secrets to the world.  Jayka's story is one of true inspiration to us all.

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Healed by Cancer, A Journey from Fear to Freedom

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