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Eco-friendly Whale Watching Camp
  Our spacious Eco- friendly camp offers the perfect place to relax and unwind while visiting San Ignacio Lagoon! Enjoy walking trails, exceptional views of the lagoon and beautiful sunsets.  Our camp is right on the shore of the prime whale viewing area, which means you can watch the whales all day long and even listen to their powerful breaths as you drift off to sleep. The tents are equipped to sleep 2 people with bathrooms a short walk away.  Solar panels provide the electricity for lights and hot water.  Keep an eye out for curious coyotes and nesting ospreys in the nearby desert.

Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

Anne ​grew up in the Pacific NW and boating with her family and observing the orcas.  She studied biology and animal behavior in university. She has worked as a zookeeper, trained wild animals for educational outreach programs and trained domestic and wild animals for movies and TV for over 20 years. She pioneered the whale watching industry in Panama and has been leading her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world since 2007.

Anne loves to share her passion and connection with the whales with you. She is a certified Dolphin Energy Healer and has a gift for leading powerful guided meditations to help you connect on a deep level with the whales. She is a trained biologist and keen observer of Animal Behavior. You can trust Anne to create a sacred safe space for you by respecting your needs and making you feel at ease and relaxed while enjoying this powerful retreat of a lifetime.

Anne Gordon

Check out this video from our 2019 Gray whale trip.

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Renew Yourself with the Gray Whales Retreat

in Baja, Mexico  February 18-22, 2020  

You will be immersed in the energy of Forgiveness as the Gray whales will teach us through their forgiveness of humans for hunting them in the very same bays where they now trust and honor you by coming close to the boat and even bringing their young calves for you to touch and even kiss. Join Whale Wisdom Expert and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon

Anne will help you open up and connect on a deep spiritual level through guided meditations and communications to receive the gifts of wisdom, love and forgiveness from the Gray whales of San Ignacio lagoon.

The Gray whales are known as the "Friendliest whales on Earth!" as they often seek out boats and even bring their young calves up to the boats to visit, observe and be touched by people. What makes this even more incredible, is that for over 100 years, San Ignacio lagoon was used relentlessly by whalers to trap and kill the Gray whales. The Grays were known to the whalers as "Devil Fish" as they were one of the only species of whale to fight back aggressively against the whalers. Whaling was halted in 1946, which means some of the individual whales were the same ones who were hunted by man and now they are the friendliest whales on earth! This is the ultimate example of true forgiveness. On this trip you will be immersed in the energy of pure forgiveness in the presence of the Gray whales.

​​Book early to guarantee your spot on this magical trip.

Gray Whale Trip Price includes:     
 3. 5 days on San Ignacio Lagoon, with 6 whale watching boat trips    (weather dependent)
3 nights accomodations at San Ignacio Lagoon
 All meals in San Ignacio Lagoon
Expert Naturalist guide and trip leader, Anne
 Ground transportation from and return to San Diego

​● Flights roundtrip between Tijuana and San Ignacio Lagoon

 Teachings, guided meditations, communications from the whales and group whale and dolphin energy healings.

Price does not include:
● Hotel in San Diego
● Meals in San Diego and Tijuana
● Tips and gratuities
● Souvenirs and alcoholic drinks

Your Retreat Leader:

Gray Whale Renewal Retreat, February 18-20  2020

Price $3,995  per person*  (double occupancy)

           Final payment due by January 18, 2020

Special Bonus if you pay in full.

3 months of Dolphin Dialogue sessions with Anne

​​ Confirm your space now with a deposit or pay in full.

Payments are nonrefundable

​Gray whale trip deposit*​

Gray whale pay in full* 


* All payments non-refundable       ​

Have you ever dreamed of touching a wild whale? Are you called to experience the thrill of seeing and touching the  gentle, giant Gray Whales in the natural beauty of San Ignacio Lagoon?  This is the one place on our planet where you can have a magical and friendly Whale encounter.  Make meaningful contact with them as they come up to our boat where you can touch, pet and even kiss these friendly Gray Whales.

Every year Gray whales migrate more than 10,000 miles roundtrip, between their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic and the coastal lagoons of southern Baja.  San Ignacio  is one of the lagoons that is a winter home of the Gray whale. The whales use these protected, shallow, warm waters as their breeding and birthing waters.  San Ignacio is the only lagoon that remains undeveloped and pristine.

See you in Baja with the Gray Whales and Blue Whales!

Anne is looking forward to sharing the love, wisdom and healing energy of the Gray and Blue whales with you on this transformational retreat.