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International Retreat Leader, Anne Gordon has been leading  transformational Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world since 2007. She loves sharing how easy and fun it is to lead your clients to making a huge transformation in their lives.

Connecting to your True Self with the False Killer Whales

Meet the False Killer Whales, a rarely seen species of dolphin whose message is to guide us to connect to our true selves, our true power and our true purpose.


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False Killer whales are one of the largest members of the dolphin family and are known as the wolves of the sea because of their efficient and effective methods of hunting their prey.  

The are also a shy species, in that they are not often seen by humans, although when they are observed, they are often quite curious and engaging, even sharing their food with swimmers!

False Killer Whales can be found in tropical, subtropical and even temperate waters, living in small family pods.  They share with us their purpose of keeping the ocean's fish populations healthy and thriving by only taking the weakest individuals for their food.

They share with us the importance and  how they can help us to connect with our true selves, our true power and get in touch with our true purpose.  They teach us how when we are in perfect alignment and connection with our true selves how we reach a deep level of inner joy where outer acknowledgement is no longer necessary.

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