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Wisdom from the Sea

Channeled wisdom direct from the dolphins and whales to you as received by Anne Gordon

A compilation of Whale and Dolphin Wisdom messages received over the years by Anne Gordon during meditations and Dolphin Energy Healing sessions. 

This is a message that Anne received on October 5, 2010 from the Dolphins:
“We are happy you have heard our call to share our messages with the world and all those open to hear and receive them.  We hope to help you reconnect to your inner Joy and we are inviting you to play every day like you did as a child.  We welcome you to receive our messages of Love and Joy.  Our messages will help you to open your heart and embrace life to the fullest. We are very excited and very grateful to Anne who has agreed to share our messages and Dolphin Magic with you all.”

From the whales on the same day:
“The Humpback whales welcome you and invite you to dive deep within yourself to reconnect to your soul and higher self through the messages and wisdom they will be sharing with you through this medium.”