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Take a Transformational Journey as a Digital Nomad with Debbie Peck

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International Retreat Leader, Anne Gordon has been leading  transformational Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world since 2007. She loves sharing how easy and fun it is to lead your clients to making a huge transformation in their lives.

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Listen to Debbie's story now...

Debbie Peck is a full time digital nomad. She travels around the world as a house sitter all while successfully running and growing her digital marketing and event production business.



​Debbie  has been working in digital marketing since the dark ages (OK since 2001! Lol) and has seen many trends come and go. She has a ninja sense of new and upcoming trends. 

Through her company, Debbie Peck Digital, Debbie teaches and inspires people to utilize digital marketing to not only build strong companies, but to create a better world. As an online marketing strategist , her mission is to help people get their message out so they can connect with people around the world.

With the current travel situation being limited due to many borders still being closed, Debbie has been transitioning client’s live events to a virtual model. She has successfully produced and managed several 6-figure events.

A native Canadian, Debbie Peck runs her Digital Agency from her laptop as she travels the world. She loves the ocean and aspires to find as many beaches as possible around the world while meeting amazing friends.

In today's episodes Debbie shares how she got started as a digital nomad and how meeting Marie Diamond, the Feng Shui expert from The Secret, helped her to bring a bit of 'home' with her wherever she was in the world as well as the art of giving a bit of herself to every place she visited so she felt comfortable anywhere she was.

Contact Debbie to arrange a call with her if you would like to set up a virtual event for your business at 

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