I look forward to supporting you to step up to being a powerful Transformational Leader!

Transformational Leader, Anne Gordon has been leading sold out transformational Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world since 2007. She loves sharing how easy and fun it is to lead your clients to making a huge transformation in their lives.

  • Create life-changing client experiences.
  • ​Discover how to make a profound impact with your clients.
  • ​​Step up to Transformational Leadership

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You became a coach to make a profound impact in the lives of your clients, right?

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Let the Transformation Begin!

The Client Transformation Challenge will take place for 5 days, January 6-10. Each morning you will receive an email from me with a short 10-15 minute video training. Each day there will be a short and fun homeplay assignment to do. You will be asked to post your homeplay in my Facebook group.

There will be a prize each day that will be randomly chosen from all those who post their answers in the FB group. There will also be a grand prize at the end of the challenge for those who post their homeplay every day. Play full out, you are going to want the juicy grand prize!